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Weight Off with the Early Show, Part 11

As we continue our Weight-Off series, let's go to our 24-year-old weight-loss participant Greg Shipp from St. Paul, Minnesota. Greg is the first one to hit his targeted weight-loss goal. At week 7, Greg has already lost 24 pounds, surpassing his goal of losing 20 pounds.

To stabilize Greg and ensure he doesn't lose any more weight, Dr. Louis Aronne, director of the comprehensive weight control program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, has increased his calorie intake by 300 calories per day for a total of 2,100 calories daily. Greg is the first of our participants to reach the goal and is moving toward the maintenance stage early

As the warm weather approaches, Greg is curious about our healthy barbecue topic. He says, he and his roommates barbecue a lot at home, at least once a week. "We throw just about anything on the grill, but mostly burgers, chicken, salmon, and corn." In fact, his favorite barbecue food is a burger on a toasted bun (California style) with mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, along with some chips or a potato salad. And, of course, some beer to wash it down! Although Greg likes his burgers with lots of condiments and chicken with BBQ sauce, fish like salmon he prefers without any sauce. What he's really curious about are the healthy options for the side dishes.

Here are some tips on healthy barbecues:

  • Most barbecues last for 6 hours or more. Pace yourself with food and beverage intake.
  • Be unconventional when planning your next barbecue menu. Grill fish or chicken instead of hot dogs and hamburgers.
  • Look for low or noncalorie beverages to help cool you down. It's easy to drink 700-1,000 calories in alcoholic beverages, soda, and lemonade over the course of an afternoon.
  • Take a break from the food table. Go for a walk or throw a ball around with friends.
  • If the barbecue is not at your home, offer to bring a dish. Bring a low-calorie item that you can eat.
  • Beware of the pies: Lots of fat and calories are contained in the crust. Have a melon wedge or a scoop of frozen yogurt or plain ice cream instead.
  • At the gathering, sit next to someone who will support your low-calorie plan.

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