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Weekend Music Round-Up: summer starts now edition

(CBS News) Do you know what today is besides Friday? It's the first official day of summer! And while I had originally planned to feature this first band up in our last Weekend Music Round-Up, a voice in my head told me to wait until the season changed to highlight this awesome, uplifting and total ray of sunshine. (Yes, I totally took my medications on that day!) So, without further ado, click play to check out Grouplove's super fun and upbeat music video for the song "Ways to Go" above.

I honestly don't know what I love more about it: the incredibly catchy tune, inspiring lyrics or tiny despot turned sweet kid and all-around good guy. Either way, the blend of all those and so much more makes this the perfect song to start off the summer, in my humble opinion.

Up next, a 1980s legend gets paid tribute with a twist as dueling pianos and drums face off. (But everyone comes out a winner!) You've got to check out this clever, modern rendition of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" by Michael Henry and Justin Robinett above.

And with that altruistic dictator in mind, our request item this week... wasn't actually requested. (Gasp!) I just happened to see this music video come across my Facebook feed and really liked what I saw. And I've got a strong hunch that you will, too. Shifting the tone, but never the quality, take in the soothing sounds of Celtic ballad with Méav's music video for "The Calling" up next.

For our focus on visual artistry and smooth music, we turn our attention to a band I've loved for over a decade now and am spectacularly distraught to have missed their reunion concert here last week. (Play Brooklyn, again, please!) They deliver on weekdays. They deliver all weekend long. I'm talking about the one, the only: The Postal Service! Click play on their new brand-new music video for the song "A Tattered Line of String" directed by AB/CD/CD below.

Last but not least, we keep the creative train chugging along. (Choo-choo!) Having hit two very different musical nostalgias of mine with a song re-interpreted and a band back together, let's finish with a bit of lighthearted fun that will take you back to a Jim Henson era. While they're not "Fraggle Rock," they totally do rock and will bring back fond Muppet memories. Check out the music video for We Show Up On Radar's song "Hands Up If You're Lost" at the bottom.

With that, I hope you're having a great first day of summer, have a spectacular upcoming weekend, and keep coming back to The Feed for all your viral (and music) video needs!