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Web-Links That Will Change Your Life is the world's first free Java-based web-to-phone service. With, you can make unlimited free phone calls to anyone in the U.S. with a valid phone number. Use to enjoy: Free long-distance calls to anyone in the U.S.
The convenience of calling without disconnecting from the Internet
No complicated download or installation

To use, all you need are: MS Windows 95/98/NT
MS Internet Explorer 4.0+ with Java VM 5.0/ Netscape Communicator 4.5+
Sound card
Speaker/microphone or headset
Internet connection

Sign up for your free account now, or learn more about how works.

A research version of Next-Generation Text-To-Speech (TTS)
from AT&T Labs.
A sampling rate of 8000 Hz (which implies the basic format) produces telephone quality speech. 11025 Hz provides better quality, and is widely supported. 16000 Hz and 22050 Hz offer the highest quality voice, provided your sound card supports one of these sampling rates.

§ You need Javascript enabled to use this page. To hear the audio output, your machine must have audio hardware and your browser must be configured to play audio files. For help, see the audio entries at the WWW Viewer Test Page. There is a limit of 30 words per utterance and 40 accesses per day per site.

This page is to be used for demonstration purposes only. For other use, or to offer comments, suggestions and trouble reports send mail to tts-feedback. Be sure to give your email address if you would like a reply. The answers to some common questions can be found on our FAQ page.

For information about our TTS system, please visit our Next Generation TTS page.

For some specialized applications using our TTS, please visit our Say Number and Say Address pages.
Translate your own text or your favorite webpage.
Just type or paste in your text or, the URL of a web page provides a gathering place on the Internet for your group to send and receive emails, schedule meetings, share files and photos, or have private group chats. Any kind of group - fan clubs, alumni groups, sports teams, families, or friends - can use Whether you’re planning a big event or trying to keep in touch with faraway family, use to make your group’s communication as simple as possible.

Every group features these great tools:
Group Email
Fast and easy email lists:

Send one email to your whole group by typing just one message
Manage your group with complete control and flexibility
Receive email or view a complete history of group messages on a Web bulletin board.
Group Calendar
Access your group calendar from anywhere:
Schedule meetings and events
Send automatic eail reminders
Overlay your personal and group calendars to see everything at once
Use the Calendar or Polling functions to set up an online meeting

Group Document Vault
Store and share files securely:
Share photos, MP3s, team rosters, class assignments or any other group document
Add documents to the Vault with one click
Keep or bookmark favorite Web sites
Get anytime, anywhere access to your files
Group Chat and Talk
Talk to your group members for free:
Use Talk as a free Internet voice telephone, even for long distance calls
Talk to all your friends at once without paying a cent for three-way calling or conference calls
Schedule a group chat in your private chat room, or just drop in to see who's there

by Daniel Dubno