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Waterfront Workout

As CBS This Morning Correspondent Hattie Kauffman says, there's plenty of things to do on the beach besides sunning and lounging. Let's say you want to be a little more active.

You might consider combining your time on the beach with a little fitness training.

Brandy Mayhew is a lifeguard and fitness instructor in Florida who works out for two hours per day, right on the beach. She claims the beach is a perfect place to work out, and recommends gearing up with a pair of water shoes for good sand traction.

Running is a natural exercise option for the beach, with its open spaces and fresh air. Bring a resistance cord along for some upper body conditioning. It's lightweight and can attach to anything for some quick resistance exercises.

So next time you're heading for the surf, pack a few items for your workout. It's good for your body and a great way to show off.

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