Watch: People acting irrationally to an iPhone 5

Irrational iPhone 5 video

Do you have the new iPhone 5 yet? Of course you do. You've probably already made a video of the very first moment you held it in your hand. "Look at the mirroring on the edges," you said. "It's so mirrored!" Well, don't worry, you're not alone. Many people have made videos of their awe-struck reactions to purchasing a new telephone. Some might say these people are acting ever so slightly irrationally to their new phones - in fact, the video above is called "People Reacting Irrationally to a Telephone." But you know better.

This video, a collection of several clips from exuberant new iPhone 5 owners, comes courtesy of Bryan Menegus and The Awl. Feel free to let him know how life-changing the new charger is on his Twitter. Can you feel how much lighter it is than the 4S? Yeah, kind of!