Watch: "Brain Tricks - This is How Your Brain Works"

"Brain Tricks - This is How Your Brain Works"

How exactly does the brain work? It's a complex question with no clear answer. Despite the fact that the brain comprises how we see and process the world, humans have a hard time processing the brain itself. But the bright minds at AsapSCIENCE have taken a stab at it with this fun and informative video, "Brain Tricks."

As the above video explains, our brain works at two speeds. Fast processing happens instantly -- it's how we recognize faces or read body language. Slow processing, as the name implies, takes a little more work. The multiplication problem used in the video -- 19 x 26 -- is a perfect example. Our brains need to pause and think about it.

Of course, the video is called "Brain Tricks" for a reason, as the number adding exercise makes clear. Did you notice the colors changing? Because, ahem, some of us certainly did not.

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