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Was It Something Dave Said?

Hi. I'm Eric Salzman, a producer for "The Early Show."

While Dave is off traveling America trying to get back from Santa Monica, Calif. to Manhattan in one week on what began as just $50, I'm the guy back in the office watching ALL of his footage come in. Yes -- all of it. Not just what ends up on TV.

I've seen Dave go off to hurricanes, fires, and all sorts of dangerous situations before, but I don't think I've ever seen him walk up to a herd of cattle. So I wondered -- if a weather anchor approaches 10 cows in a field with a giant block of salt and a tiny video camera, what would happen? Turns out, the cows would run away.

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Granted, Dave hasn't had much access to a shower this week!

It's incredible to watch Dave's footage. On the one hand, I can tell he's tired. I think, at best, he's getting about two hours of sleep a night. But then he comes across something new, like car detailing at an auto auction center, and BAM! His energy is through the roof.

People keep asking me if Dave is really doing what we're showing. Is he really sleeping out by a pool because he couldn't afford a hotel room? Is he really sleeping in a car hitched to a Winnebago?

It's simple. Yes. He is.

Dave is sticking to the spirit of the challenge he accepted, to the letter. I, for one, have no idea if he'll make it back to the studio by Friday morning, but if he does, we'll have a little something special waiting for him. Not sure what yet. Maybe another one way plane ticket!

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