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Waiting For Hillary

This holiday season, there's an air of apprehension and excitement in the sleepy New York suburb of Chappaqua. Folks there are preparing for a special visitor, and it's not jolly old St. Nick. Early Show Co-Anchor Jane Clayson reports.

First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton could be moving into her new $1.7 million Chappaqua home before year's end, and that's creating quite a buzz throughout the town.

Clinton plans to spend the holidays at the White House. But then it's off to her new house in New York, where she is mounting a Senate campaign.

At Dr. Produce, which sits in the middle of Greeley Avenue, Chappaqua's main thoroughfare, customers come for the food, the produce and some neighborly chat.

"If Hillary comes in here," said one patron, "she has to wait [in] line like everyone else." But no one said they expect to see the first lady strolling around Chappaqua in her jeans, doing the household grocery shopping.

Of course, Everette Mapp, assistant manager at Dr. Produce, is hoping that Clinton will drop by, if only for the food: "Lowfat tuna pita with cranberry and Fuji apples..., lowfat chicken salad.Â…The salmon caesar salad is a big hit. I think that's her styleÂ….She should definitely try the chocolate brownie cake. It is absolutely delicious. She'll have to hit the gym after, but she'll love it."

You won't find any french fries at Dr. Produce. In fact, if the president comes to town, he'll have a tough time satiating his desire for any fast food, unless a good slice of pizza will do.

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It's just a short drive from the new Clinton home to the quaint and compact main drag in Chappaqua. Along Greeley Street, there are shops of all kinds. The first family will be able to browse for antiques, pick up some household goods, and drop off dry cleaning, all without reparking the car.

Said Martha Gingrich, a Chappaqua mom with two children, "The Greeley Barber shop is really good. That's where they just got their haircuts. Also, if she needs a church, the First Congregational Church, right across from her house is really goodÂ…and Starbucks is here, so she won't feel like she's too far from home."

Town Supervisor Clinton B. Smith said he thinks the first lady will find almost everything she needs in Chappaqua, including hair and nail salons and clothing stores.

"But [for] shoes, she might have to go elsewhere," he added. "I don't know what we have in terms of that."

There is a lively local arts scene that centers around the public library, which is th only place in town to see a movie. There are also drama productions, book groups and a symphony orchestra.

Also at the library, Clinton will find her own book (It Takes a Village) as well as an ample supply of political reading.

But library director Mark Hasskarl hopes she'll explore the fiction selections as well, including the new Stephen King book, Arts in Atlantis.

"It's about people growing up in the '60s, as she and her husband did," he explained.

"I don't really expect to be seeing her in town much. I'm sure she'll be busy in the city, in Manhattan," said Chappaqua resident Jill Shapiro.

The first lady's impending arrival has some people in town very nervous about increased traffic and the media onslaught. But others, like the owner of a local massage therapy shop, are ready to roll out the welcome wagon: "I'm hoping she'll come in, get a great massage and not think too much about the campaign and just be a normal person and enjoy life."

The first lady cannot move into her new home until the Secret Service says it is safe.

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