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Vive Le Landis!

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Can another American win the Tour de France?

Have you ever heard of Floyd Landis? He's worn the yellow jersey a couple of times this month, and sacre bleu, he sure looks like he's got a shot.

Landis used to ride in support of Lance Armstrong on the old U.S. Postal Service team. But Landis broke away a couple of years ago in search of his own stardom. He's been showing his stuff in the time trials and mountain climbs this July, and his story is made all the more special because Landis has a bad hip.

I mean a really bad hip. A degenerative hip problem so bad he can barely get his leg over to get on his bike. A hip so bad he has to get it replaced at the end of the tour. Yeah, replaced. Just like grandma.

Landis has been on a tear all year. He's won several big races already, and you've got to believe the Europeans, and especially the French, are beside themselves. Another American winning the tour? Mon dieu!

How about vive le Landis?

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By Harry Smith