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Virginia Loses Scholarship

The NCAA revoked a basketball scholarship from Virginia for the 2000-01 season because of recruiting infractions.

The NCAA deemed the violations secondary, meaning they provided a limited recruiting or competitive advantage because they occurred after the prospect had signed letters of intent to attend Virginia.

The NCAA said Tuesday a former head coach arranged for a university basketball supporter to rent an apartment to a prospect in early 1996. The NCAA and the university would not identify the coach and prospect, but Jeff Jones was head coach at the time.

The arrangement included a $50 deposit and monthly rent of $200. However, rent was not paid for the short duration of the arrangement, the NCAA said.

Another supporter of Virginia athletics provided the prospect with legal expenses, impermissible transportation, lodging, meals, spending money and other benefits totaling about $14,000, the NCAA said.

The university itself reported two other violations. Two coaches were transported in the personal airplane of a university basketball supporter to high school basketball games. The transportation was provided as a donation to the university but it was not properly documented as such. The owner of the plane also had recruiting contacts with four prospective players during their official visits to the university in violation of NCAA rules, the NCAA said.

In addition to the loss of one scholarship, Virginia must reduce the number of official player visits during the current academic year from 12 to nine.

U.Va. athletic director Terry Holland placed part of the blame on himself.

"We acknowledge that serious mistakes were made and that the responsibility for those mistakes rests, not merely with our former basketball coaches, but with officials at all levels of the Department of Athletics, myself included," Holland said in a letter to the NCAA.

He said he has taken action to avoid future violations.

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