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Virgin Atlantic, British Airways Battle for Las Vegas

My last post, about British Airways unveiling its nonstop London-Las Vegas flight -- previously Virgin Atlantic territory -- got an e-mail response from Virgin:

I thought you'd like to know that Virgin Atlantic has long recognized the importance of the Las Vegas market and has been servicing our customers for almost ten years to and from this gateway, since June 2000. We certainly welcome the addition of more competition into this market . . . In the next few months we will be introducing Las Vegas travelers to our latest airport lounge, the Clubhouse at Gatwick, which will provide an even more luxurious pre-flight experience.
No word on any price wars, but she did say that I (and I assume other customers) should look on their Web site for any "special offers that can change daily." Not quite the volley I anticipated from a company headed by the flamboyant Richard Branson, but there it is. A look at flights on Virgin Atlantic shows London-Las Vegas prices range from $249-$354, competitive but not exactly beating British Airways $276 roundtrip rate. (Add $30 each way to Virgin Atlantic's cost for weekend travel, so $279 may be more truthful.)
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