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Videos: Dec. 9 - 15, 2001

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CBS NewsÂ' Mark Phillips reports on the unrelenting bombing today on the Tora Bora mountains.
Eric Engberg reports on clues and other intelligence garnered to determine Bin LadenÂ's whereabouts.
Allen Pizzey reports from the Kandahar airport on preparations being made there to detain prisoners.
CBS News' Mark Phillips reports the enemy is still putting up a stiff fight in Tora Bora.
David Martin reports as many as 1,000 al-Qaida are surrounded by U.S. and Afghan forces.
CBS News' Lee Cowan reports many Muslim people are skeptical of the tape's authenticity.
Bush reacts to Arab skepticism to the bin Laden tape, reports CBS News' Bill Plante.
Wyatt Andrews reports on the future fronts in the war on terrorism.
Anti-Taliban may know where bin Laden’s cave is, Mark Phillips reports.
Many Arabs are accusing the U.S. of faking the bin Laden videotape, Lee Cowan Reports.
Dan Rather has highlights and analysis of the bin Laden tape.
Jim Stewart ooks at how the bin Laden tape plays into the criminal investigation.
Technology favors the U.S., but terrain favors al-Qaida, David Martin reports.
CBS News Randall Pinkston reports on the latest military actions in Tora Bora, Afghanistan.
CBS News Jon Frankel reports on tourists' fascination with the devastation at Ground Zero.
American warplanes are now in almost constant orbit over Tora Bora, David Martin reports.
Randall Pinkston has exclusive pictures showing the result of strikes on al-Qaida forces.
John Roberts reports on what's behind the delay in releasing the bin Laden tape.
First September 11th suspect indicted, CBS News Jim Stewart reports.
The cease-firecollapses,CBS News Randall Pinkston reports.
Rob Morrison reports on military operations at Camp Rhino in Afghanistan.
CBS News Bryant Gumbel speaks with board chairman Franklin Thomas about The September 11th Fund.
U.S. officials are pretty sure Moussaoui is the missing 20th hijacker, Jim Stewart reports.
Daid Martin reports U.S. commandos and intelligence officers were sent into the mountains.
Randall Pinkston has a first look at one of bin Laden's caves at Tora Bora mountain.
Allen Pizzey is with the largest contingent of American troops, at Camp Rhino.
CBS News Randall Pinkston reports Afghan forces move in on al-Qaeda fighters.
The White House will release bin Laden tape, CBS News Bill Plante reports.
CBS News Elizabeth Palmer reports American Marines step up their hunt for Taliban soldiers.
CBS News Mark Phillips reports London remembers on the three-month anniversary of the terrorist attacks.
CBS News has learned that the Bush administration has decided to release the bin Laden tape.
About two dozen of the Taliban's senior leaders remain unaccounted for, David Martin reports.
Randall Pinkston reports on fierce fighting as Afghans try to drive al-Qaida members off Tora Bora.
Bob Orr reports on Mike Spann's burial at Arlington National Cemetery.
CBS News Allen Pizzey reports on the fate of the American caught fighting with the Taliban.
New bin laden tape surfaces, Bill Plante reports.
CIA Officers Johnny Spann will be buried at Arlington Cemetery today, Bob Orr reports.
CBS News Randall Pinkston reports U.S. aircraft pummels the suspected hideout of Osama bin Laden.
CBS News Stephanie Lambidakis says the new bin Laden video may link bin Laden to the attacks on America.
Allen Pizzey reports the military is looking to pick up other Taliban fighters and terrorists.
CBS News' Randall Pinkston reports Afghan troops are gearing up for an assault on al-Qaida forces.

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