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Videos: Dec. 2 - 8, 2001

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CBS News Correspondent Randall Pinkston reports from the Tora Bora mountains amidst more bombings.
CBS News’ David Hawkins reports from the mideast on the latest strikes on Arafat-linked buildings.
CBS News’ Russ Mitchell reports on the latest developments in the anthrax investigation.
Mullah Omar's whereabouts remain a mystery, David Martin reports.
Randall Pinkston talks to an Afghan commander who says bin Laden was spotted in the past three days.
Dan Rather with the dramatic new video of the American Taliban and his father's reaction.
Part two of Vince Gonzales' Eye On America report on 'smart bomb' batteries.
U.S. Marines engaged in their first firefight with the Taliban, CBS News Allen Pizzey reports.
The Taliban flees Kandhar, CBS News Elizabeth Palmer reports.
CBS exclusive video of A CIA agent killed in the Afghanistan attempting to interview American Taliban member John Walker.
The Taliban are on the verge of collapse, David Martin reports.
Newly-chosen Afghan leader Hamid Karzai talks to CBS' Elizabeth Palmer.
Allen Pizzey reports both machines and men operate under brutal conditions at Camp Rhino.
Vince Gonzales' Eye on America investigation into smart bombs that miss their targets.
Bob Schieffer: Senators seemed willing to give Bush the benefit of the doubt on ant-terror tactics.
CBS News Randall Pinkston reports the Taliban are prepared to surrender their last stronghold in Kandahar.
CBS News David Martin reports on the three American soldiers killed when a B-52 bomber missed its target.
/a> CBS News Allen Pizzey reports on the Marines setting up bases to cut off Taliban forces in Afghanistan.
CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Jane Clayson speaks with Sen. Leahy and Sen. Hatch about the hunt and prosecution of suspected terrorists.
CBS News Mark Strassman reports from Fort Campbell, Ky., where soldiers killed by friendly fire were stationed.
David Martin reports on how the tragic U.S. bombing accident happened.
Afghan delegates beat the odds and signed a peace agreement, Elizabeth Palmer reports.
Reporter's Notebook: Dan Rather talks to Afghans about their hopes for the post-Taliban future.
CBS News David Martin reports on the final push to take Kandahar and the hunt for Osama bin Laden.
CBS News Elizabeth Palmer reports an agreement was signed creating a post-Taliban government in Afghanistan.
CBS News Jim Stewart reports an army lab will open a letter full of anthrax spores.
An American special forces solider has been shot and wounded, David Martin reports.
Randall Pinkston reports the hunt for bin Laden is increasingly focused in the east near Jalalabad.
Dan Rather interviews Defense Secretay Donald Rumsfeld on the war and potential nuclear threats.
CBS News David Hawkins reports on the second day of Israeli airstrikes against Palestinian targets.
CBS News Bill Plante reports the Bush administration has issued a new terrorist alert.
CBS News Anchor Dan Rather is in Kabul with a report on the latest U.S. war efforts.
CBS Early Show Co-Anchor Jane Clayson speaks with the parents of an American fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan.
CBS Early Show Anchor Bryant Gumbel speaks with the star of the Afghan film 'Kandahar.'
Whathe Israelis hit – and didn't hit – sent a message to Arafat, David Hawkins reports.
The U.S. Marines sent out 'hunter killer' teams to Khandahar, David Martin reports.
Jerry Bowen talks to people who knew Walker back home in Marin County, Calif.
Dan Rather reports on the tedious work of clearing land mines in Afghanistan.
CBS News' David Hawkins reports on the terrorist bombings in Israel.
CBS News' Bill Plante reports the attacks in Israel threaten to derail peace talks.
CBS News Anchor Dan Rather reports from Kabl on the latest U.S. war efforts.
CBS News' Elizabeth Palmer reports on the American who is fighting for the Taliban.
CBS News Anchor Dan Rather is with the Army's 10th Mountain Division as it carries out its mission in Afghanistan.
CBS News' David Hawkins reports on the night and day of violence in Israel.
CBS News' Randall Pinkston reports on new accusations of a U.S. bombing mission gone awry.
CBS News Elizabeth Palmer reports on developments in Afghanistan.
Aftershocks of the bombings forced a change of schedule iU.S.-Israeli diplomacy, reports Bob Orr.

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