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Videos: Dec. 16 - 22, 2001

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Cynthia Bowers reports on Karzai being sworn in as AfghanistanÂ's interim Prime Minister.
Efforts made to identify whether a convoy hit by U.S. troops was one of friend or foe.
Deadly Mistake? David Martin reports on the U.S. air strike on a convoy in eastern Afghanistan.
Saturday marks a new beginning for Afghanistan, Cynthia Bowers reports.
John Roberts reports the new bin Laden tape translation has triggered a loud, clear debate.
The search continues for bin Laden and al-Qaida, CBS News Richard Roth reports.
American Taliban still waits in limbo, CBS News Bill Plante reports.
Jim Stewart reports on the tough job of calculating federal aid for Sept. 11 victims.
CBS News Anchor Dan Rather reports from ground zero, 100 days later.
David Martin has the latest on the war and the hunt for Osama bin Laden.
Bob Orr reports on the heroic effort to recover and rebuild at the Pentagon.
U.S. agents are interrogating prisoners in Afghanistan, CBS News Richard Roth eports.
An uncertain fate for American Taliban, CBS News Jerry Bowen Reports.
Richard Roth reports Mullah Omar may be hiding out in the mountains of Baghran.
David Martin reports hundreds of al-Qaida fighters have been captured in Pakistan.
Al–Qaida detainees rise up in Pakistan near border, David Martin reports.
Is bin Laden still in Afghanistan? CBS News Mark Phillips reports.
CBS News Jane Clayson speaks with Afghanistan's new interim leader Hamid Karzai.
The British are leading international peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan, CBS News Tom Fenton reports.
New intelligence suggests Mullah Omar is northwest of Kandahar, David Martin reports.
Searching for bin Laden in the bombed-out caves of Tora Bora is no easy task, Mark Phillips reports.
Still no sign of bin Laden, CBS News Mark Phillips reports.
U.S. forces are preparing a prison base for defeated al Qaeda fighters, CBS News Allen Pizzey reports.
CBS News Tom Bergeron speaks with author Ahmed Rashid about the Taliban.
CBS News Jane Clayson speaks with Sen. Barbara Boxer about the fight against the al-Qaeda network.
Bin Laden's radio has gone silent since the fall of Tora Bora, David Martin reports.
Mark Phillips reports on the al-Qaida prisoners taken at Tora Bora.
Richard Roth takes a look inside 'the house Osama built.'
Allen Pizzey talks to Marines who came to the aid of soldiers injured by a land mine.
Mark Strassmann's Eye On America report on the future of American war technology.
CBS News Mark Phillips reports bedraggled al-Qaida fighters are taken prisoner in Tora Bora.
Donald Rumsfeld visits the Marines in Afghanistan, CBS News Wyatt Andrews reports.
CBS News Cynthia Bowers reports the U.S. embassy in Kabul has been reopened under heavy guard.
Mark Phillips reports the fall of Tora Bora has not produced the war's main objective - Bin Laden himself.
Wyatt Andrews traveled with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to Afghanistan.
Arafat's speech was his strongest attept yet to quell Mideast violence, David Hawkins reports.

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