Victoria Pericon

As a mom, you absolutely must have a sense of humor because if you take yourself and your job of raising kids too seriously all the time, you'll drive both yourself and them batty. Victoria Pericon offers a funny, fresh perspective on being a mom.

Here she shares how she balances life and work.

Being an active part of my children's development is definitely the priority for me. Before I start any project, whether it is writing a new book or planning my schedule for the upcoming season, I consider how it will impact my children. And luckily, I find I am able to successfully balance a career I truly enjoy with their ever-changing needs.

When I started Savvy Mommy I was pregnant with my first child. It became essential during this new phase of impending motherhood to effectively reach a national mom audience with unbiased information they would find helpful.

Five years later, I can definitely say I have achieved my goal. I aspire every day to show mothers they can continue their careers or, as in my case, move to a new and successful one after their children are born. — Victoria Pericon