Using Video Games for Recruitment

  • Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer in Leipzig Old Airport.The Find: With nearly all American teens now playing video games, one HR blogger suggests that interactive technology similar to gaming might be the next wave in recruiting innovation.
  • The Source: The HR Tests blog.
The Takeaway: Recent research from the respected Pew Internet & American Life Project found that " virtually all American teens play computer, console, or cell phone games" with half exercising their thumbs on any given day. One HR dreamer thinks this reality amounts to a massive well of untapped potential for recruiters.

Sure, many companies have looked into recruiting using Second Life without phenomenal results, and the US Army has had some success with its America's Army recruiting game, but the HR Tests blog, pulling quotes from the Pew research, dreams of a day when video game technology will be used to create a "rich and varied" candidate experience with a "significant amount of social interaction." The blogger muses:

What competitive advantage is to be gained by the employer that figures out how to make its recruitment and selection process interactive? What if instead of the process being a one-way street (candidates search for information about employers, employers try to figure candidates out), it was a two-way simultaneous sharing of information?... Isn't it time we developed realistic 3-dimensional worlds that allow candidates to make real-time branching decisions and learn about a potential employer, while we measure things like attention to detail and judgment?
The Question: Pie in the sky dreaming or wacky but wonderful idea? And has anyone seen interactive game technology in use in a recruitment context?

(Image of multiplayer gaming by wlodi, CC 2.0)