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Using Software Over the Net

Many schools and offices have high speed connections to the Internet. And cable modems and DSL mean a lot of homes are getting wired too. With high speed connections, the software you use doesn't have to be on your computer anymore. ASP stands for applications service providers...companies that have software online that can be run over the Internet. For example, Citrix Systems is doing it with educational programs at a site called Traver Gruen-Kennedy is with the ASP Industry Consortium and Citrix...

" The technology to use it is very simple. You simply connect, you see the application, you send keyboard and mouse clicks back up the line...the application is running at the server and system engineers at the center of the Internet are taking care of them for you. So now you can use those applications at school, but you can also use those applications at home."
. The same programs used in the classroom can be used by students and teachers in their homes...
"This is great news for the kids, but one of the things they realize is now the teachers have direct access to their parents."
We grown-ups can see the benefits already. Again, the website for more information is

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