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USAir Attendants Primed To Strike

There's a new development in the standoff between US Airways and the company's flight attendants, reports Correspondent Edward Lawrence of CBS affiliate WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The flight attendants say they're prepared to strike after midnight, March 25th, unless they have a new contract.

In response, the airline took their pitch directly to the flight attendants, and mailed a videotape to them explaining the company position.

In the next week, the two sides will try again to agree on a new contract.

Steve Hearn, local president of the flight attendants' union for Charlotte, gave out a list of flights that the attendants might strike.

"We're willing to put forth this list so our customers can make choices," said Hearn. "This has never been about inconvenincing our customers. This is about economics."

He pointed out that the flight attendants wouldn't necessarily strike immediately.

"If the airline is not shut down, and we don't have a contract, there's no guarantee that we will srike one of these flights on the 25th. We might wait two weeks, we might wait three weeks."

The flight attendants plan to use a strike strategy called "CHAOS" which stands for "create havoc around one system."

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