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U.S. stock indexes close at all-time high

(MoneyWatch) Investors continue to shrug off concerns about the looming "fiscal cliff," with parts of the U.S. stock market closing today at all-time highs.

 A gain in the Wilshire 4500 index (the Wilshire 5000 without the S&P 500 companies) moved the dividend reinvested Wilshire 4500 Total Return Index above its all-time high of 11.20129 set on September 14. The Wilshire US Mid-Cap Index (W5KMC) and Wilshire US Mid-Cap Value Index (W5KMCV) gained 0.52 percent and 0.68 percent, respectively, topping the dividend reinvested total return indexes all-time record highs set Tuesday.

The Wilshire US Small-Cap Value Index's (W5KSCV) 0.73 percent gain today set the dividend reinvested Wilshire US Small-Cap Value Total Return Index all-time high for the third day in a row. The index closed today at 6,436.05, breaking its all-time high of 6,410.57 set on September 14.

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