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March 3, 2002
6 p.m. ET/PT

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John Roberts anchors.

Richard Roth is in Eastern Afghanistan, where the largest ground offensive in the war on terror has claimed the life of one American soldier.

Fear of nuclear attacks against the U.S. prompt a tightening of security. Thalia Assuras has the latest from Washington.

After a particularly violent week in Israel, David Hawkins will take a look at how the region could ever achieve peace.

A popular candidate for the California governorship may be out before the race begins. How could the favorite Republican lose the primary? Jerry Bowen explains.

Lee Cowan looks at how GPS is being used to track the worst of the worst parolees. Does it work?

What's next after national attention focused on a crematory in Georgia, when nearly 200 bodies were found decomposing. In tonight's Sunday Cover, John Roberts investigates the laws or lack thereof which govern the nation's crematories.

And finally tonight...Curling is catching on. Charles Osgood takes a look at the growing popularity of an old and offbeat sport.

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