TV Hits' Season Finales: an Advance Peek

Viewers have just a few weeks to wait until the highly-anticipated season finales of their favorite TV shows air.

The story lines are closely-guarded secrets, but Entertainment Weekly columnist Michael Ausiello offered some clues into what viewers can expect in May's show wrap-ups.

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"Two And A Half Men"
Charlie Sheen, star of the show has been dealing with some personal issues lately. Could this be the end of his run with the show? Ausiello says he doesn't know anything about the season finale, except that it won't be a farewell in any way.

"Desperate Housewives"
The big thing in this year's finale is the fate of Angie (Drea De Mattio's character). It's already been confirmed that she's not coming back to the show next season, so it will be interesting to see how they deal with that loss. Bree has been dealing with an imposter son. I know we'll find out the truth behind that plot. The son will be holding some kind of Trump card that he will be dangling over her head. Mike and Susan continue with their financial troubles -- he's in debt and it's affecting their marriage. In the season finale, he'll have to make a huge sacrifice. Also, in a more interesting/disturbing plot line, Lynette is going to give birth in the finale and it's tied into the Fairview strangler. It will not be in the best circumstances. It sounds ominous.

"Grey's Anatomy"
I don't have much info on this season finale. What I do know is that it will involve some kind of disaster -- not an earthquake, but it involves car crashes and fires. It's being teased as a big, game-changing episode that will reset every character.

They're doing a very interesting change-up episode for their finale. There's going to be a big disaster outside the hospital and all the cast members will have to go off-site to help. House will emerge as a bit of a hero. Also, dark times will emerge for House. He's been having a tough time staying on the wagon (battling his addiction to Vicodin), and he's been in pain and perhaps might go back to taking Vicodin. The finale's about him having to resist that temptation.

Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) will have a tough decision to make in the last episode of the season that could greatly affect the future of the team.

"American Idol"
Crystal Bowersox is clearly going to be one of the finalists. She's got an amazing voice, people are really drawn to her and the judges love her. Also I think Lee DeWyze is really starting to emerge as a clear favorite. The judges are starting to come around on him, and I think he's only going to get stronger.

As for Simon Cowell leaving the show, I don't think it means the end for "American Idol." I think it's an opportunity for "American Idol" to reboot the franchise in an even better way than Ellen did for it this year. They have an opportunity to bring in someone high profile, but that person will need to be brutally honest, just like Simon.

A few names being floated out there are Elton John and Madonna's former manager Guy Oseary. Also, people are saying perhaps Adam Lambert would make a great judge because he was so honest last week as a mentor. I think the show will survive without Simon. It will lose a chunk of viewers, but it's such a hit, it can afford to erode a bit but remain a force to be reckoned with.

As for questions if Paula Abdul will return to the show, I doubt it. I think "American Idol" is happy to be rid of her.