Tripp-Lewinsky Tapes (4)

LEWINSKY: ... You know what's really weird? I keep hearing these double clicks.

TRIPP: That's my gum.


TRIPP: ... Now whose affidavit was it that said

LEWINSKY: This was Paula Jones' affidavit.

TRIPP: And, it's already written up about? ...

... Is that accurate, you do think?

LEWINSKY: Um, I don't think so. ...

TRIPP: ... I can't believe that she would oh, my God, this is gross. ...

...TRIPP: I mean, enough already with this. ...

LEWINSKY: ... I was thinking maybe, you know I don't know that she would do this. ...

TRIPP: ... He could have a medical examination ...


TRIPP: Well, maybe they measured it.

LEWINSKY: Well, they'd have to ... measure it erect. I mean, like, oh my God.

TRIPP: I wonder if she read did Gennifer Flowers ever specify the size. ...

LEWINSKY: No. She just said.




... I just hope it goes away, because I don't want to get any more involved.


TRIPP: And I just hope If Kathleen goes away, I assume I go away.


TRIPP: (Sigh). So that's that's all I care about.

LEWINSKY: ... Really surprised. But so then I talked to Betty. So then she said, well, "I didn't know" you know, she didn't know what was going to happen.

So then I called her back and I said, "Listen," I said, "Should I should I maybe courier over a letter? Would that be easier, you know? It's easier to hand him a piece of paper than it is to try and get the time to tell him the, you know, 20-minute story." ... So she said: "Oh, well, you know, yeah, sure. OK, fine." So I did and

TRIPP: Today?


TRIPP: What did it say?

LEWINSKY: ... I said that you know, the fears ... that arose over the weekend came to fruition today, you know. Richardson called and offered me a position. ...

TRIPP: Did you send him the book?


TRIPP: Why not?

LEWINSKY: Because I didn't send the packet because I had you don't understand. I was like in hysterics. I didn't have the book in my possession.

TRIPP: So your mother still dropped it off?

LEWINSKY: No, she didn't drop it off. She didn't drop it off because I met with her at the lunch

TRIPP: I know, I understand that. But then you said you did courier something over.

LEWINSKY: Right, but not by my mom, by a courier service. ...

TRIPP: ... OK. Now, wait. So it said this situation has arisen. Then what?

LEWINSKY: ... so I said "Look, I don't know what to do. My mom came up with a very good idea, and that" oh, first of all, by the way oh, I said dropped the other bombshell. I decided to not go on this China trip. ... Because I realized my mom came up last night, and we had big thing, and she was absolutely right. She was like, "This is ridiculous. You're going to go away for two weeks, and this is" you know what I mean?

TRIPP: Well, I totally agree, but I didn't know it was an option.

LEWINSKY: Well, I made it an option. Why did I make it an option? Because I told Mr. Bacon that I was looking for a job in New York, and that I my plan had been to have something secured before the trip, but now it didn't work out that way, and, you know, blah, blah, blah.

TRIPP: OK. What did he say?

LEWINSKY: So he it was fine. ... There's a whole another story, but I think everything's OK.

TRIPP: What do you mean? Just give me the gist.

LEWINSKY: OK, the gist you know, he was sorry I was leaving, but he understood I wanted to go to New York, blah, blah, blah. We talked. He's going to call Howard Pastor, who, you know, works at Hill & Knowlton ... on my behalf. ... and then ... the first thing he said, you know, "If there's anything I can do to change your mind, please let me know."

And you know, I don't know. Maybe that's a stock answer you give to anybody.

TRIPP: No, it's not, unh-uh.

LEWINSKY: But so so we finished our conversation, and then he wanted to do some other things, and I had to get him the address for the thing.

And then I thought and I went in there and I said, "You know, you said if there was anything I could, you know, you could do to change my mind, and there isn't really," I said. "But I would be remiss if I didn't let you know that really what prompted me to move so quickly on this was the whole you know, everything that happened with the incident with my grade increase," I said. "With Mr. (Former Deputy to Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Clifford) Bernath." I said, "I thought he was very, very inappropriate." ...

... LEWINSKY: It's embarrassing. And he said, "Well" he said, "Look, the important thing to remember is that, you know, I like your work and I think you've done great work for me and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah," like that.

TRIPP: Good.

LEWINSKY: ... I wanted him to have resentment toward Mr. Bernath.

TRIPP: You think he did?

LEWINSKY: He might a little. He might I don't know how guys interpret things, but he might be a little, ... "Well, gee, you know, part of the reason she's leaving is because of him"

... I said in my note to him ... the problem is that, you know, Richardson you know, Richardson was told that I was dying to work for him.

TRIPP: I know.

LEWINSKY: You know? So he's offered me this position, you know, and I said I have no idea how I'm supposed to diplomatically, say, you know, you're my backup, can I let you know? (Laughter)

TRIPP: Mm-hmm.

LEWINSKY: ... Then I said about Vernon, I said, you know, you mentioned last week about setting up a meting between me and between Vernon and myself. You know, do you think you could do that sometime soon? I know you're busy, blah, blah, blah.

... And then I said to him, ... I'm trying to stay calm and not freak out and keep and I keep repeating my mantra to myself. It was I mean, I tried to make the note light.

... TRIPP: (Sigh) So where was it left with Betty who's contacting Vernon until he tells her to, and that's very understandable?

LEWINSKY: It's not her position to go calling his friend to say can you do this for him?

TRIPP: Oh, I know.

LEWINSKY: So I you know, I think he's had he's had a very crazy he's got a crazy week in general. First of all, he's lost his voice and he's very sick. ... Second of all, you know, he's got this Fast Track legislation. Now we have all this (delete) with Iraq.

TRIPP: I know.

LEWINSKY: ... I mean, it was really kind of not hurtful, but I was a little like yeah, I guess it was hurtful that he didn't call, you know.

TRIPP: I know.

LEWINSKY: I mean, he knew how nervous I was.

TRIPP: (sigh) Well, the good thing is, you have one solid option now.

LEWINSKY: Yeah, except that my mom refuses to let me take it.

TRIPP: What do you mean?

LEWINSKY: Because she absolutely refuses for me to work at the U.N.

... TRIPP: Tell me why.

LEWINSKY: Because she went there, and she hates the building. She says it's going to be just like the Pentagon, and she just (Redacted).

TRIPP: Really? Did she now, did she just look in the lobby or what?

LEWINSKY: I don't know what she did. I don't know. Now, one of the other options but I really don't want to think about doing that is he also he has a Washington office and he did also mention today possibly something in the Washington office. ... I'm just saying I could do that for six months while we work on trying to find another job. But what my mom said is you know, she's afraid that the creep's attitude will the attitude will sort of be like

TRIPP: Oh, yeah.

LEWINSKY: "Well, we did this already for you."

TRIPP: Right. ...

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