Training For Terror

Terror Camps
The exclusive CBS News footage of a training camp in Afghanistan show the kind of primitive target U.S. war planes are after.

The training camp was hit in the 1998 cruise missile strikes ordered by President Clinton, but the damage was repaired and the camp re-opened and used to train Islamic fighters for Kashmir and Afghanistan.

Commander Khan Mohammed, a one-legged veteran of the war against the Soviets, who is also Taliban commander for the Khost area, closed the camp last Saturday in anticipation of the latest round of air strikes.

"We have religious power and no one can defeat us," Khan Mohammed says.

There's no way of knowing if this camp is or was part of bin Laden's al-Qaida network, but Khan Mohammed says bin Laden operatives were trained here.

"Everyone who has trained here will be another Osama," he says. "Osama is our true leader."

The cameraman was under instructions not to photograph any of the fighters. The sentiments of the occupants are obvious, though, as they are seen stomping their feet on a rug with U.S., Israeli and Indian flags on it.

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