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Toys With a PC Tether

Lego has done it with its Lego Mindstorms kits for building programmable Lego creations, now Mattel has teamed up with Intel to build one of the best science toys for kids I've ever seen. It's the IntelPlay QX3 Microscope. Intel's Ralph Bond....

"What you can do is, you take the microscope and you plug it into the universal serial bus port or the connector on the back of most modern PCs and you can suddenly see things under the microscope not by squinting into a little eyepiece, but up on the screen of your computer in full color. And from that point on the fun begins because you can take pictures, you can create even little movies, you can manipulate them with some fun, goofy art package elements that are in the product and you can, most important of all, share the images through the email or maybe post them up to a web site. It's great for kids at home and we're finding quickly that schools are very interested in the product."
It really makes science fun and sells for about 99 dollars. For younger children, a company called Zowie makes hands on play sets ...Red Beard's Pirate Quest and Ellie's Enchanted Garden... that control software at the same time...

"For instance, on Ellie's Enchanted Garden you take Ellie and you can literally jump rope on the computer by actually making her move up and down. Ellie's also lets you dance, you can go and play hopscotch."
Fun stuff and fascinating technology.

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