Tornadoes' Toll At A Glance

The tornadoes that tore through areas of Oklahoma and Kansas on Monday night killed dozens of people, injured hundreds and left thousands homeless. Following are some of the effects of the disaster:


The National Weather Service says the biggest twister formed about 45 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, then cut a path at least a half-mile wide as it moved north and east.

  • 40 people killed
  • 563 treated at hospitals in Oklahoma City metro area
  • Nearly 2,000 houses destroyed in Oklahoma City area alone
  • As many as 1,600 residents at Red Cross shelters


Most of the destruction occurred in Wichita, and the southern suburb of Haysville.

  • At least five people killed, with death toll expected to rise
  • More than 100 injured; at least 117 treated at area hospitals
  • Two trailer parks devastated by tornadoes, but damage estimates were not yet available Tuesday morning
  • At least 200 residents in shelters