Top Xbox 360 Picks

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GameCore is's video game column written by William Vitka, Chad Chamberlain, Lyndsey Hahn, and Alejandro K. Brown.

GameCore wants to help you pick what we think are the best titles for each system.

These are the Xbox 360 games we like the most.

Call Of Duty 2
Rated T for Teen

An excellent release for the 360 and by far one of the best titles available thus far. You are able to play as different soldiers from different countries like Russia, UK, and USA through the greatest conflicts in history during WWII. This is as close to war as you want to get.

Geometry Wars
Xbox Live Arcade

Xbox Live Arcade game Geometry Wars easily qualifies as one of the best Xbox 360 games available. It has classic arcade style play mixed with top notch graphics and a thumping techno soundtrack. It's super fast and you will quickly get addicted to this - if you'll pardon the phrase - neo retro arcade shooter.

Kameo: Elements Of Power
Rated T for Teen

Kameo is a colorful, action-adventure game that fits nicely into the Xbox 360 roster. The characters are unique, the puzzle-solving mechanics can be challenging and there are times when the game is visually stunning. The co-op feature is also very nice. Though it's rated T for Teen, the violence in it might be cartoony enough for younger gamers to handle.

Perfect Dark Zero
Rated M for Mature

PDZ is a good, solid shooter for the 360. If you were fortunate enough to get one of the seemingly rare 360s up for grabs, make sure Perfect Dark is on your list. Great weapons, cutting-edge graphics, an awesome soundtrack and a plethora of game types make this game worth the price of admission. Not for kids.

Project Gotham Racing 3
Rated E10+ for Everyone Age 10 and Up

We've had the chance to play every launch title at least once, and if you don't have Project Gotham Racing 3 in your library already, you're missing the whole point of having a next-generation system. Of all the 360 launch titles, only a handful of them truly earn the moniker "next-generation game." Project Gotham Racing is one of them.
By William Vitka, Chad Chamberlain, Lyndsey Hahn, and Alejandro K. Brown