Top PR Blogs and Why You Should Read Them (Part 2)

Last Updated Jan 29, 2008 11:47 AM EST

This is Part Two of my unofficial and unscientific list of top PR bloggers. Part One ran yesterday.

Here are my general criteria again:

  1. Significant readership as measured by the subscriber count on Google Reader
  2. Gets updated on a regular basis
  3. Deals mainly in PR topics
  4. Allows you to subscribe to the full feed as a opposed to a partial (teaser) feed. There's one exception to this rule noted blow.
  5. Has something interesting and unique to say so you're not just wasting your time reading something you already know or don't care about.
Without further ado, here's Part Two (again, not listed in rank order):
  • MicroPersuasion (Steve Rubel): One of the earliest PR bloggers, Rubel has veered off somewhat into the broader world of marketing and social media. Still, he has a big following and it's worth keeping tabs on what he's thinking about
  • The Buzz Bin (Geoff Livingston): Timely insights, podcasts and vodcasts make this a standout PR blog.
  • The Flack (Peter Himler): Peter is plugged in to the New York PR scene, and always has something interesting and novel to say.
  • The Cycle: (PRWeek): PRWeek's print edition is almost unreadably boring. This blog, written by the same people, is bright and full of color and insights not found in the print edition. And it's free, unlike the print edition.
There were a few others that I wanted to recommend by can't at this point, because they aren't posting enough. Folks, you've got to post multiple times a week, at a minimum, or it's not a blog. I gave Richard Edelman a pass on this by including him, but that's because he's CEO of a global PR firm. The rest of us need to be posting new content every 24-48 hours, week in and week out. But here are links to the also-rans: BadPitchBlog, POP!PRJots, thegoodthebadthespin, Phil's Blogservations.

Got any others you like (or hate)? Share them with us!

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