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Too Fat for Hooters? Will Cassie Smith Lose Her Short Shorts? (PICTURES)

Cassie Smith (Personal Photo)

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (CBS/AP) The "delightfully tacky, yet refined " restaurant chain, Hooters of America, is best known for their great-tasting wings, and well, big hooters, says the Hooters website.

PICTURES: Cassie Smith Too Fat For Hooters?

However, a 5-foot, 8-inch, 132 pound Hooters waitress in Michigan claims the "nearly world famous" restaurant believes her hooters aren't her only asset that's plenty big.

Twenty-year-old Cassandra "Cassie" Smith is contemplating legal action against Hooters after she was allegedly put on probation because of her weight.

Smith told The Detroit News that she was called into an office at Hooters for her yearly performance review. Both her assistant manager and general manger were present, as well as two females who were on conference call from the Hooters Headquarters in Atlanta, Ga.

Smith received a glowing review about her demeanor with customers and colleagues, but didn't do so well in the "uniform fitting" department.

Since the start of her employment, she has worn the company issued shirt and shorts in extra small. "I was confused because I don't wear the biggest uniform size," Smith told The Detroit News.

"I'm not overweight by any means," she told paper. "If anything ... I've been losing weight."

Smith says the ladies offered her a free gym membership and told the blonde bombshell that she had 30 days to improve her appearance, and if in 60 days she failed to comply she could be terminated, reports the Detroit News.

Mike McNeil, the Vice President of Marketing at Hooters of America, released a statement saying, "We will not make any comment on a current employee except to say that no employee in Michigan has been counseled about their weight...However, we will say that our practice of upholding an image standard based on appearance, attitude, and fitness for Hooters Girls is both legal and fair. It is not unlike the standard used by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders or the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes."

The question big is too big at Hooters?

What do you think? Did Hooters have the right to fire her for her weight?

PICTURES: Cassie Smith Too Fat For Hooters?