Toddler Saves Grandma By Calling 911

Three-year-old Jaden Bolli, of Maple Shade, N.J., was with his grandmother last Friday when she passed out. Knowing something was wrong, Bolli did what his mother told him to do just days before -- he called 911.

The dispatcher asked him what the emergency was, and the toddler responded, "Mom-Mom's sick."

"Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez said Bolli told the dispatcher the emergency was his grandmother's blood sugar, but as it turns out, she'd had a stroke. Paramedics arrived just in time. Bolli's grandmother is in stable condition.

Bolli's mother, Candace Robbins, said on "The Early Show" she had told her son just four days before his grandmother's emergency, "'If you don't hear my heartbeat or somebody falls or anything, you have to dial 911, hit the green button and just tell them you need help.' He said, 'OK.'"

Robbins said telling him was "like a godsend."

Bolli told Rodriguez when his grandma fell down, "I called the cops."

Since her collapse, Bolli has seen his grandmother in the hospital. Robbins said his grandmother called Bolli "her angel."

Rodriguez remarked that it's incredible he was able to stay so calm and call for help.

CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton agreed, saying it's hard enough for adults to keep their composure in an emergency. She called Bolli a role model for children and adults alike.

Ashton added it's important for everyone to understand that, when you lose consciousness in an out-of-hospital setting from a heart attack, stroke or internal bleeding, every second counts.

"He's a little hero," Ashton remarked.

However, Ashton said every child should know to use 911 only in an emergency. Also, they should know where they live, the type of emergency, and who needs help.

She addedd, "They need to know that they're doing the right thing by calling an adult, and that they need to stay calm, that help will be coming."