To Tie Or Not To Tie

<B>Andy Rooney</B> On Men's Fashions

A weekly commentary by CBS News Correspondent Andy Rooney.

A while ago I talked about fashion and I had a copy of Town & Country Magazine with an ad for a man's suit that sold for $2,400. I said I might buy this.

The editor, Pamela Fiori, sent me a picture of me in the suit. I never looked better.

I've paid about $2,400 for my suits over the past fifty years. That's 24 suits at $100 each.

Men's fashions have changed as much as women's. For instance, men aren't wearing neckties as much as they used to. Most of the men you see on the street don't have one on.

I usually wear a necktie even though I think it's sort of silly to tie a colored cloth around your neck.

If he doesn't wear a tie, a man leaves the top button of his shirt undone. The trouble with that is then his underwear shows. A well-dressed woman wouldn't go around like this with her underwear showing.

If a man wears a necktie, it's usual for him to wear a jacket. Some men, though, wear a tie and no jacket.

A few wear a jacket and no tie.

Most men don't wear a jacket or a tie.

When you see two men together, either neither is wearing a tie, or they're both wearing a tie.

Birds of a feather flock together. It probably has to do with whether the boss wears one.

A man who wears a coat is more apt to wear a necktie. A strange thing though, a lot of men who wear a coat don't wear it. They take it off and carry it.

Some of the old traditions are gone. White-collar workers often wear blue collars. Blue-collar workers often wear white.

It seems likely that men who wear ties make more money than men who do not. But it's hard to say whether ties make them successful, or whether they start wearing ties after they are successful.

Men on the street wearing neckties carry a briefcase, or important papers very often.

The tie clip business is even slower than the necktie business. You seldom see a man wearing one. They prefer to have their neckties flapping in the breeze. Men with tie clips often wear folded handkerchiefs in their breast pocket.

Suspenders are also a thing of the past, except for Larry King. Although I've seen a guy with suspenders, but no shirt, coat or necktie.

One reason for wearing a necktie doesn't have anything to do with how it looks.

But when you get home at night it feels so good to loosen it.

Written By Andy Rooney