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To Honor Your Country

Well, here we are again. Right in the middle of one of your reporter's favorite seasons of the year. "Honor America" season. That's right: Honor America, as in honor thy father and mother.

Its a 28 day stretch from Flag Day, June 14th, right up to and including the Fourth of July, Independence Day.

There is a little-known law that was passed in l975, in which Congress declared that all Americans should celebrate and honor ourselves and our country in appropriate public gatherings and activities.

We should display the flag, Congress declared, and we should encourage and teach younger generations to understand and appreciate our Constitutional system.

That's an appealing idea, not just because it's a demonstration of loyalty but because it's paying tribute to our flag.

The American flag is a symbol. As such, it means different things to different people. The flag can represent almost any aspect of America, depending on who we are and depending on what we believe America really is or isn't.

This isn't to get into an argument about whether we do or do not need any new anti-flag burning law. That's another subject for another time. This is to say that since childhood, we've been taught, or should have been taught, about our flag.

The flag is ours. It flies over us, and now is a good time to remind ourselves how we feel about it.

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