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Good afternoon. Dan Rather here, with an early look at some of the things weÂ're working on for tonightÂ's CBS Evening NewsÂ….

With the announcement of rolling power blackouts starting tonight in California, the Golden State seeks to address its current power woes. Sandra Hughes will have that story for us to lead our broadcast tonight.

And Cynthia Bowers will take a look at how this is turning out to be one of the worst winters for damage to your pocketbook. Among the culprits are lost crops pushing up produce and other food prices, and sky-high home heating oil and natural gas prices.

Maureen Maher will bring us new revelations about the prison break in Texas that set seven dangerous fugitives on the loose, and Byron Pitts will bring us a look at prison security around the country.

White House Correspondent John Roberts will have the latest on President-Elect George BushÂ's efforts to fill his cabinet, with a new pick for Labor Secretary today, and more on the battle brewing over Attorney General-designate John Ashcroft.

Finally tonight, National Security Correspondent David Martin will bring us the latest on the NavyÂ's decision to change the designation of naval pilot Michael Speicher, the first casualty of the Gulf War, from Killed in Action to Missing in Action, and the diplomatic fight thatÂ's heating up with Iraq as a result.

ItÂ's all a part of our world. I hope yoÂ'll join us.

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Note: stories subject to change.