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There's an issue for many companies around employee engagement and wellbeing. But research by Entity Solutions and Monash University has shown its a very different story amongst independent consultants (IPros), who enjoy their work life and do the best for the companies they work for.

When asked what song related to their worklife, many chose Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World. I suspect many directly employed might pick Talking Head's Road to Nowhere.

In this edition of BTalk I go through some of the findings of the research with Matthew Franceschini, CEO of Entity Solutions, and Tui McKeown, Deputy Director of SEIRnet (Social and Economic Interface Research Network) at Monash University.

It does seem to highlight that a strong proportion of contract workers could be healthy for your productivity --- and there are plenty of benefits if you're personally thinking of going it alone.

You can download a copy of the Independent Professional (IPro) Index 2011 from the Entity Solutions website.

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