The Times, They Are A Changing

A couple walks on a chilly day in Central Park, New York. Autumn Fall Leaves Golden
Getty Images / MANDEL NGAN
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

The winds have been brisk in New York this week. We're still a week or so away from peak color in Central Park.

I'm in the park every day so I really key in to the signs of change. A few of the maples have turned a dark rich red. There's a sprinkle of yellow and gold, but the riot of color isn't here quite yet. It usually arrives Marathon Week — the first week in November.

There have been a lot of birders in the park to observe the fall migration. New York City is right in the flight path of all kinds of birds that summer in Canada and go way south for the winter.

Soon the reservoir will have its annual winter visitors — wood ducks and buffleheads. And just the other day, I walked by a fence where what looked like molting gold finches hopped about almost close enough to touch.

When you live in the middle of all this concrete, the park connects you with the earth's natural ebb and flow. As the fashions change on Fifth Avenue, you know you can see the seasons change in the park.

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By Harry Smith