The Roxy presents: Honor Society

Courtesy of Honor Society
Courtesy of Honor Society

Each week, Tonya Cooke from The Roxy will bring you the most interesting bands who are using social media to get their music out.

(CBS/What's Trending) - When being an adoring, over the top, number one fan forever, there is nothing better than knowing the band of said affection is paying attention to you. Honor Society is a band on the verge of becoming superstars. After touring with the Jonas Brothers and being the first band signed to Jonas Records, they gained a built in audience ready to jump on their every word.

Honor Society knows that their fans want and it's a piece of them. Still riding their first full album Fashionably Late, these guys have managed for new music to be accessible to fans. The band hosts a weekly fan-chat on Twitter giving fans insight to the new developments with the band before anyone else hears about it. Honor Society opens the doors to a new way of breaking news: requiring fans to engage to get the inside scoop.

Every Thursday, adoring fans spend about 30 minutes with their favorite band. They watch the band live on for Thursdays with Honor Society as all four members have phones in hand and give shout-outs to fans Tweeting along. All four members of Honor Society have personal Twitter accounts (@AlexanderNoyes, @IAMtheCOMMODORE, @RiskyBusinessMB @theroser) that they use constantly during the chat and beyond. Not only do fans wait to see if their name is called, but hear funny stories about the band's personal lives, the upcoming tour, what they are working on in the studio, and details to force a scream out of a super-fan.

With their Wherever You Are Tour roughly two weeks away, they are rolling into heavy promotion mode but still keep it interesting for fans. Promoting a show can easily become very stale but Honor Society keeps it fresh working with venues, engaging fans going to each show, and spreading the love evenly to all of the opening acts. Their upcoming show at The Roxy, June 12, is a key example. Upon the announce date, the band was engaging with @TheRoxy in conversation alongside fans to keep the brand new tour fresh and interesting.

Honor Society makes a weekly Thursday appointment with fans and takes engagement to a new level. Pen in Honor Society for a live chat at 3:30PST and be the first to know about new developments with Honor Society. This is the appointment you want to keep.

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