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The Public's Eyes: Big Baby

(CBS/The Early Show)
As the week winds down and the holiday season heats up, here's one more chance to briefly check in with our ongoing series on what's getting your clicks. And this time out, its a rout: "Baby's Size BIG Surprise -- Oklahoma Woman Had 'No Clue' She Was Carrying 14-Pound-Plus Girl" got more than twice as many hits as its nearest competitor, a story about the New York City transit strike. Could the giant baby be the new dead ugly dog? (Sam the hairless dog had quite a run in the top stories top ten after his unfortunate passing – if memory serves, he made the list every day for more than a week.) But hey, with the New Year approaching it seems appropriate we get some new blood in the top ten. So best of luck, baby Lillian. Here's hoping that by the time you've wrapped up your reign on Sam will be but a distant, ugly memory.
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