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The President Speaks, Kids Listen

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Each year the president gives a speech to the top people in government where he tells them how the government and country are doing. He also tells them his plan for making things better.

It's called the State of the Union address, and President Clinton gave this year's speech on January 27.

It's a special speech that's not just very important for adults and government leaders, but for children too.

In this year's speech, the president said he wants to see fewer students per class in the early grades. He wants to hire enough new teachers, so that each first-, second-, and third-grade class would have just 18 students.

More teachers teaching smaller classes would require more classrooms. So he wants 5,000 new schools built, too.

Now, the President can't make that happen by himself. But if the members of Congress agree to his plan, it could mean more teachers and schools where you live.

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