The Power of a Positive Post-it

Last Updated Apr 2, 2009 7:00 PM EDT

Here's a new use for Post-it notes: Use them to convey a quick shot of appreciation to your staff.

Frode Heimen discovered the power of a Post-it pat on the back when he decided to write a short personal note to each of his employees, beginning with the words "I appreciate you because --".

Writes Heimen:

"I thought this was a fun thing to do at the office and I hoped it would make them smile for a while. This evening I was walking around at the office and noticed that several notes were hanging at their partition wall. And I started to realize that this really meant a lot for some of them."
He also got plenty of positive feedback from his staff, including thank-you e-mails and handshakes -- and a Post-it, signed by his entire shift, telling him he was a great boss. Oh, and he also got a happy workplace.

You don't have to be a manager to use the power of a positive Post-it. How about a kind word for your co-worker, the IT guy who saved your PC, or even your significant other? Pretty much anyway can benefit from a token of appreciation.

Can one simple gesture really create such goodwill? Try it yourself and find out.

  • CC Holland

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