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The Plan For Tonight

Our friends at Couric & Co. are having a banner day today, and we wanted to direct you to a few of their posts.

First is CBS News Director of Surveys Kathleen Frankovic's insider account of her day. "I'll be sitting in the CBS News Decision Room with several brilliant statisticians, political scientists, and political mavens, looking at the results, and projecting the election results," she writes. "We'll use the exit polls, but we will also use polls of absentee voters, actual votes in sample precincts and throughout the state to make projections." Frankovic's "first look" on what's happening over at the "Evening News" today, in which she explains the situation behind the scenes, is also worth a look. (Just click on the box.)

There's also Katie Couric's post on the political process and what lies ahead today. She says CBS News will try to keep "our eyes on the big picture," since "[t]oo often, we've immersed ourselves in political minutiae; we can't see the forest for the trees."

It's a bit more for you to read and watch while you're waiting for the results to come in this evening. Hey, what else are you going to do on a day like this – work? Yeah, didn't think so.

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