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The People Have Spoken

When asked for your opinions about the White House Under Fire, we received hundreds of responses. Here is a representative sampling of what we thought were the best and brightest points our readers made:

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"Bill Clinton is a demagogue, hypocrite and a liar. He should, for the first time do the right thing and resign."
Chicago, IL

"It is now apparent that President Clinton has committed perjury. If justice is truly blind, President Clinton should be impeached. He has violated the law of our land, which he has sworn to uphold. Many people have faced legal actions for perjury, is our president above the law?"
Sidman, PA

"If the President was so concerned about his family, why didn't he consider them before unzipping his pants in the Oval office. "This investigation has gone on too long..." Gee Bill, maybe because YOU lied and obstructed justice for 7 months. And asking us to let him get on with his job.... I think he has a warped idea of what that is. It certainly is not to have sex in the Oval Office. In virtually any job across the nation, if people are caught having sex on the job, they are fired. Period. Why should it be any different for the President. And I'm sorry Bill, but you do NOT have a private life. You gave that up when you took office. You are the leader of the greatest country in the world. You are an embarrassment and a disgrace to the American people. RESIGN or face impeachment."
Deerfield, NH

"For a man so smart to act so stupidly is beyond comprehension.
Once he was elected President of the United States of America he ceased to have a "private" life, so unfortunately it is not only Hillary, Chelsea and God to whom he must make things right - it is also the American people. His apology was a lawyer-politician speech - it was not an apology from a "man" who was indeed sorry. Perhaps the only part of sorry is that he got caught."

Ontario, Canada

"If this had occurred in corporate America a male employee could not first lie, then admit guilt, and finally apologize to escape the consequences for his actions. Clinton must be held accountable and face the consequences! Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and now Monica!! Don't the American people see a trend. How can Americans tolerate this lack of integrity? And how many Clinton staff members have also lied or covered up Clinton's improper sexual activity? This is a travesty. Clinton should resign immediately and if he does not, he should be impeached."
Exeter, PA

"It is obvious that Ken Starr initiate the Monica Matter with political motivation It is shameful to this great nation that we don't have private life anymore to anyone, even president. I view the president as human being not a god. I am not interesting to his private life but his public performance. I view the Monica Matter as political trap designed by Ken Starr for the president. I feel that Ken Starr abuse power that the legal system gives him. Therefore, a legislation is needed to limit the power of independent counsel."
Wilmington, DE

"Sex or no sex, this clown had the balls to look the American public in the face and tell us that he was innocent, knowing full well that he was lying. He is no better than an ordinary street thug here in the states who would lie to a police officer to keep from going to jail...only this White House thug hides behind the title of President of the United States."
Houston, TX

"His whole presidency has been one issue after another, and lie built upon lie. He talks about the Lewinsky thing being a "personal" matter. Well, excuse me Mr. President, but when you chose to do your "personal" acts with an intern, in OUR White House, as OUR Countries leader, it no longer was a personal matter. The president is supposed to be a representative of our country. What he has ended up doing is making us the laughing stock of the world. Shame on him!"

"The President admitted he lied. He also got his Staff and many other people to lie for him. What a disgrace! The day he had Mrs. Albright and others stand up outside the Oval Office and vouch for him, I prayed that he was telling them the truth. There are some honorable people in Washington, Mr. Clinton is not one of them. My feelings about Mrs. Clinton are truly mixed. We keep hearing that she has been putting up with his behavior for years. I guess that is the price she wants to pay for being a political wife. We also hear that she is behind much of his strategy, and is so, she has probably known the whole story all along."
F.R., VA

"Not 'I lied,' but 'I misled'. Not 'I had a sexual relationship,' but 'I had an improper relationship.' Not 'I apologize or I am sorry,' but 'I regret.' He equivocates even when he must tell the truth. Enough! Put us all out of the misery and resign, sir."
Charlotte, NC

"The president once again tried to weasel his way out of self inflicted immature behavior, and very cowardly pointed his finger at the independent council instead of taking full responsibility for what he did. He shamed hi family, his God that he talks about, and the country, which he says he cares about. I think this will hurt him in the long run. He is not fit to hold the office of the President of the United States of America. I think he should resign, and if he doesn't resign, he should be impeached."
Chicago, IL

"President Clinton is just as human like the rest of us. His private life and affairs is his own business and not everyoneHe did what he has to do to protect himself and his families from the prying people who likes to pry in someone else's lives. Is anyone perfect in this planet. Look at yourself, are you a perfect beings. I don't think so."
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"With all of his lies and denials, we deserve this guy .... after all, we voted for him."
Arlington, TX

"The president's steadfast denials and the desperate attempts to protect himself Monica gate could have compromised the national security of the United States. If evidence of his wrongdoing had fallen into the wrong hands the president could have been blackmailed. Far fetched but the President seems to be a man who would do anything to preserve his power not the integrity of the office."
Seoul, Korea

"I still can't believe he is our President. I hope and pray that impeachment proceedings are brought to bear upon him, because only utter failure will bring him to his knees in true repentance. He had escaped the wrath of his many lies so often that lying become habit-forming. Just ask yourself one question: "If you have a daughter, would you ever let her alone with this man?" If the answer is no, then why should he have the right to lead our nation?"
George Escobar
Frazier Park, CA

"I am so embarrassed for the president to have to go on TV and profess his personal life to the American people. Frankly, I do not care if he did or did not have an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Heck, I will even go one better then that, I don't even care if he committed perjury! Why? Because I happen to think that he is a good President and my life has improved greatly since he took office and the U.S. fell out from under the uncaring, selfish rule of the GOP."

"I do not care what happened between Monica and the president. I do care that he lied. I will never trust him again."
San Diego, CA

"I am an active duty military service member serving in Europe. I find it incredible that the American people continue to stand by the president even after he is caught blatantly lying! If the same thing happened to me or one of my superiors, they would be forced out of the military and possibly serve time in jail. It does not speak well of our nation to condone such activity."
Kingsley Paquette

"This is between President Clinton and his family. God only should be the Judge. Who are we to be judging our fellow man. He is still human. Show me a perfect human. Give the man a break. Look what's going on in the world. I am sick and tired of people who love to point fingers. Let's just investigate all of us and see what comes up in our lives."
Allenton, PA

"Forgiving someone doesn't mean you let them get away with it."

"No where in the text of the President's speech is the word "apologize". He admitted guilt but did not offer an apology to the American people."
Fort Worth, TX

"The presdent went on national TV to apologize and say he was sorry to the American people. However, the only thing he is truly sorry about is getting caught. The only legitimate apology he can offer the American people is his resignation."

"The man has got to GO. He is a liar - bottom line. It does not matter what he lied about. It's obvious he does not respect our system of government and law, nor does he think he should be held up to its standards. What a disgrace he is! Even last night he still could not admit the full truth, would not accept blame for what has happened, spoke to the people in a defiant manner, and worst of all - Never Apologized to the People for Lying! What kind of a role model is he for our young people of today?"
Forth Worth, TX

"I think that Ken Starr ought to be ashamed of himself."
Burlington, VT

"He has used and abused women for his own purposes, leaving a trail of victims. Clinton twists the truth, or outright lies, to serve his own purposes. He is a disgrace and should have the decency to resign. Since he obviously won't do that, Congress needs to have the moral courage to impeach him."
Cheryl Tooke
Holland, Michigan

"He needs to stop blaming others for his selfishness and immaturity. A man who can't tell the truth in the 'small' things can be trusted with the 'big' things. If he truly cares anything about America, he will feel our pain and resign."
Wilmington, DE

"The special investigation would never have gone on this long, or cost this much money if he would have been honest in the first place. Now the US has been subjected to humiliation, and the office of the President has been damaged. The only honerable thing for Clinton to do is to resign. No man in this country is above the law. Every citizen must be treated equally by that law. Attacking the investigation which he had personally obstructed and delayed was, in my opinion, in poor taste."
Raleigh, NC

"OK, so he screwed up. No president has ever screwed up before? The only people I feel he's accountable to is his wife and his daughter (and God). I don't think this in any way affects his ability to perform his presidential duties, and excuse me, but how come Ms. Lewinsky doesn't have to 'pay' for her part in this? She's going to end up with celebrity status (she already has) to her benefit. She was 21, a consenting adult and at that age should know the difference between right & wrong (as should Mr. Clinton). It takes 2 to tango. No, lying isn't right, but sometimes we do it to protect the ones we love and I can understand that. This whole situation never should have started in the first place."
Oxford, PA

"Impeach him!"

"The President and First Lady have made a career out of lying to the American people and they are a disgrace to the country. To make the First Lady as a victim is also ridiculou, she is a very smart lady and knows what is going on around her, including her husbands many affair, she is a willing participant."
Memphis, TN

"Why should we believe hime now? He actually was more convincing in January when he shook his lying finger at us. Clinton is an embarrassment to the American people and should for once in his life do the honorable thing and resign! Of course he will not, so therefore, I hope Ken Starr's report will show in detail how he has consistently obstructed justice in Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Campaign Finance . . Impeachment is the right thing to do!"
Troy, AL

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