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The Peaceful Transition

This column was written by CBS News Early Show Co-Anchor Harry Smith.
It's all about the transition; getting the right people in place so the Obama administration can get off on the right foot.

President Bush should get some props for opening up the White House and inviting the Obamas over today.

Bush realizes full well the enormity of the task at hand. And quite frankly I'm guessing is anxious to share a little wisdom about life on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's been a lonely couple of months for the president. The phone has not exactly been ringing off the wall with requests for campaign appearances. So 43 can show 44 what's up, maybe even let him know who might be worth keeping around.

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President Bush obviously has an appreciation for the history that has been made with Obama's election, he has said so.

When the president addressed the White House staff imploring them to offer their full cooperation we could see once again, that not so minor miracle of our republic, the beginning of a peaceful transfer of power.

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