The Odd Truth, May 12, 2004

The Odd Truth is a collection of strange but factual news stories from around the world compiled by's Brian Bernbaum.

Eight Lives To Go...

RENO, Nevada - A cat named Lilly didn't see any of her two-week cross-country trip to Nevada.

She was in a drawer the whole time.

The two-year-old Siamese disappeared April 20 after movers showed up to pack the belongings of her owners in Tarrytown, N.Y.

The couple searched everywhere for the cat, and put up reward signs around the neighborhood before leaving for Reno.

Last week, when a mover was taking the last piece of furniture off the truck, he opened a dresser drawer to get a grip on it. And there was Lilly.

The couple says Lilly was a little stunned, but after some tender loving care, she came around. Before long, she was running around and purring.

High-Tech Cheating

SALINAS, Calif. — Cheating has gone high tech at Everett Alvarez High School, and administrators have the pictures to prove it.

School officials banned cellular telephone use after a student was caught using a camera phone to photograph an exam and trying to send it to a friend.

Cheating by using camera phones and text messaging has become a nationwide concern.

Last year, six University of Maryland students admitted cheating on an accounting exam by using their phones to send information to one another via text messaging.

Old Kentucky Castle Up In Smoke

VERSAILLES, Ky. - It was like a scene out of old Europe, as townspeople gathered to watch a Versailles castle go up in flames.

On Monday, dozens gathered — some sitting on fences and flatbed trucks — to watch a central Kentucky landmark, known locally as "the castle," go up in flames.
Since construction began in 1969, locals have used the building as a directional point of reference, while out-of-towners have gawked at the sight of a castle amid the rolling hills and horse farms.

The couple that built the castle divorced and never moved in.

Woodford County Fire Chief Bennie Green said, "we really don't know anything" about the cause of the fire. No one was injured.

SUV Antidote

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin - How would you like a car that gets more than 1,600 miles per gallon? It's no pipe dream, but the creation of some Wisconsin high school students.

Eau Claire North High students have taken the top prize at the 12th annual High Mileage Vehicle Challenge. The University of Wisconsin-Stout sponsors the contest.

Senior Bee Vang, who drove the gas-electric hybrid, says the students who built the vehicle didn't think it was going to do that well. The car has a small gas engine that powers an electric generator. It looks more like a go-cart than something you'll find in a dealer's showroom. But it will go all day on a few sips of fuel.

Twins First, And Now Sextuplets!

HERSHEY, Pa. - A Pennsylvania family has more than doubled its size in a single day.

Kate Gosselin gave birth to sextuplets on Tuesday —- delivering three new sons and three new daughters by Caesarean section.

Her husband says it's "truly an amazing thing." He says his wife had been taking a fertility drug. The Gosselins are also the parents of three-year-old twins.

Kate Gosselin is reported in good condition and the babies in satisfactory condition.