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The Man Who Saved Christmas

Last week, some shrunken-hearted real-life Grinch stole 150 gifts intended for needy children from an Atlanta church. Now, a man from nearby Marietta has proved Good Samaritans are real, too. Correspondent Tiffani Diaz of CBS station WGNX in Atlanta reports.

It was just before Christmas, and all through the store, Brian Skalnick was shopping, for presents and more.

To the top of his cart he loaded up goodies, to replace a bunch stolen by some Grinch-like hoodys.

It happened last Saturday, inside of a church, where for a stash of Christmas presents, the church leaders searched.

Find them they couldn't, and boy did they look. Seemed someone broke in, and from needy kids took.

Into the car, and onto the road, Skalnick had a mission: presents to unload.

Into the hands of the pastor his gifts did he place, all for the joy of that look on his face.

Reported by Tiffani Diaz