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The Key to Wooing Holiday Shoppers

shades-of-green.jpgFor a lot of consumers, it's going to be a lean holiday season. Which retailers will get the un-pinched pennies? Possibly the greenest. According to a Deloitte survey, one in five shoppers will be buying green this holiday season -- and they're willing to pay more to do so.

BDO Seidman conducted a nationwide survey of CMOs and found that 37 percent of retailers are stepping up their marketing efforts for green products over the holidays, and more than a quarter are pushing charity promotions. Half of those retailers will donate a predetermined percentage of sales. Apparently, the message GE's on-air mascot Greenzo tried to communicate, "Saving the environment, while maintaining profitability," did not fall on deaf ears.

Seriously, though, it makes sense that consumers would earmark their dollars for environmentally friendly products since most people site rising energy costs as the main factor motivating conservative spending.

(Shades of Green image courtesy of tillwe, cc 2.0)

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