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The Journey Home

What does it feel like to have your children stolen from you? Marjorie Chappell knows, very well. Eight years ago, her ex-husband Dennis vanished with their two children, Jeffrey and Kristi. Dennis Gray had planned his escape, setting up aliases and false identities.

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For five years, Marjorie struggled to find Jeffrey and Kristi. Finally investigators were able to use phone records of Dennis' relatives to trace him to Willow Springs, Missouri. He was arrested, and the children, which he had renamed Michael and Nancy, were eventually reunited with Marjorie. But the journey would not be easy. The children missed their father, and didn't want to come back to their mother. Rebuilding the mother-child bond would take work, and it would take time.

This case is not unusual. More than 350,000 intra-family abductions, as they are called, occur every year, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Over 50,000 children will experience serious emotional harm.

In another in the series of Monday Night Mysteries,, in conjunction with CBS News 48 Hours, examines the horrifying and, ultimately, happy, case of the Gray children's journey home.

48 Hours: "The Journey Home," Monday, July 13, 10PM ET/PT Check local listings.

The Journey Home: More on this 48 Hours Monday Night Mystery.

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