The iPhone 4 Disappointment

iPhone 4 ducktape remedy
Since the highly-anticipated iPhone 4 came out, many users have experienced unanticipated problems with the device's reception.

And now, after testing the latest gadget from Apple, Consumer Reports says it can't recommend buying it.

Paul Reynolds is Consumer Reports' electronics editor, says CR isn't recommending the iPHone 4 -- the first time that's happened foe an iPhone -- despite significant improvements over earlier versions.

The biggest problem, Reynolds explained Tuesday to "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith, is that the phone sometimes loses reception when a caller is holding it.

Sleek, shiny, and new, the iPhone 4 has a tiny gap in the silver metal outside that lines the perimeter of the phone, which is where the wireless antennae is placed. A caller holding the phone in a normal manner would usually cover up the gap, causing bad reception, and even dropped calls.

After much testing of the iPhone in a controlled environment, Reynolds said Consumer Reports came up with a simple solution -- a decidely low-tech one, at that!

"It's not an elegant (answer)," Reynolds said, "but it's cheap and easy. ... We found that duct tape covering over that gap ... will actually remedy the problem."

Reynolds also suggests a plastic cover for the phone that many use in case they drop it, but he hopes for a solution from the company that customers won't have to pay for.

In the future, if Apple comes up with a solution, Reynolds said Consumer Reports would definitely take a look at rescoring the product.

"We'd go back and take a look at that. This is a very high scoring phone actually in our ratings. And it has many, many things to recommend it. So, yes, we would certainly take a look at that," said Reynolds.