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The dye used to stamp the grade on meat is edible. It's made from grape skins.

Last Updated at 4:00 PM… APRIL 26, 2006


"Good afternoon. As Americans face skyrocketing gas prices - some of the country's top oil companies are expected to report record profits this week. Why are the oil companies making such big bucks while consumers keep shelling out more and more for gas? Our National Correspondent Byron Pitts takes a look.

Meanwhile, we've been talking a lot about what the increases in gas prices do to family budgets. But what if you're an airline? Our Transportation Correspondent Bob Orr takes a look at what each increase means to the airline industry and ticket prices.

Plus, if you're getting your air conditioner ready for summer, get ready for a shock. Electric rates are going up in 15 states, some as much as 100 percent! Correspondent Wyatt Andrews reports from Baltimore where the governor of Maryland has proposed a plan to help residents with the rising costs.

In other news, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld both made a surprise visit to Baghdad today to show support for Iraq's emerging government. Our Thalia Assuras is traveling with the Sec. of Defense and joins us with a full wrap up.

Also tonight, Correspondent Mark Strassmann continues to report from New Orleans. Tonight he'll look at efforts to rebuild the levees and whether or not they'll be ready in time for this year's hurricane season. As he'll report, what engineers are finding does not exactly inspire confidence.

And finally, the London marathon ended Sunday… but one man is still on the course. Why? He's dressed in a 100lb suit of armor and he's pulling a 200lb dragon behind him! Correspondent Mark Phillips reports.

We'll have all that plus the rest of the day's breaking news." - Bob Schieffer

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Rice, Rumsfeld Meet With Iraqi Leaders
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And here's a look at one of the stories we're working on for Thursday's broadcast:

Witness Intimidation. Thousands of crimes are not being prosecuted because witnesses are being threatened with their lives if they talk. The story on Thursday's CBS Evening News.

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Dave chats with actor Billy Crystal and New York Yankees star Johnny Damon


Harry Smith, Hannah Storm, Julie Chen and Rene Syler anchor THE EARLY SHOW from New York. Dave Price brings us the weather.

Along with the top news of the day, we will also have the following stories:

CSI BEHIND THE SCENES: We kick off a special week-long behind the scenes look at the CBS hit crime show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

ROBIN WILLIAMS: In the new big screen comedy RV, the always entertaining Robin Williams plays an ad executive who tricks his family into giving up a vacation to Hawaii for a decidedly less glamorous road trip to Colorado packed in an RV. Robin Williams joins us in our studio.

AMAZING RACE CASTOFFS: The latest team eliminated from The Amazing Race joins us in our studio.

WOMEN AND RETIRMEMENT: Retirement is just around the corner for the first of the baby boomers. Yet 62% of women don't have a plan to support their retirement lifestyle. The golden years take planning and action. Wishing for financial security won't make it happen. Dawn Sweeney, president of AARP services, joins us with ideas on how to plan for your future.

FIVE MINUTE COOKING SCHOOL: Nothing warms up a kitchen better than the smell of freshly baked bread. Cookbook author Tori Ritchie shows us some bread recipes that are easy to prepare and of course delicious.

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