The Email Heard 'Round the World

Last Updated Sep 9, 2008 12:34 AM EDT

The awesome power of email and the Internet is already on display in this Presidential election cycle. Have you read the Anne Kilkenny email about Sarah Palin yet?

For those of you who haven't gotten multiple copies in your inbox, this is a real email from a real resident of Wasilla, AK, who decided to satisfy requests from her "lower 48" friends for more information about Sarah Palin by composing a 2,400 word email about Palin. (The short story is that Kilkenny is not a fan, she provides lots of real-world detail about Palin's time as mayor, but is respectful and doesn't rip her).

This email was originally sent out last Monday. As of today, there 693 news stories on Google News about it and 32,700 references to "Anne Kilkenny" on Google web search. The email has literally circled the globe as people curious about this meteoric political candidate have forwarded the email to their presumably equally curious friends.

The PR angle here is simply about the power of email, and in particular, highly charged emails such as this one. Remember that you are creating web content every time you send an email, and that under the right circumstances, your humble email could wind up being redistributed far and wide.

  • Jon Greer

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