The Costs of the Workplace Bully

Last Updated Oct 27, 2008 8:26 PM EDT

1221951758_f38106185f_m.jpgWhen bullies grow up, they don't leave their behavior behind; they just move it to the workplace. Bullying in the office can include rudeness, yelling, humiliation tactics, ostracism, criticism, intimidating behavior and career sabotage.

Why should you care? Because bullying has very real impacts on morale, motivation, productivity and your bottom line. Bullying inflicts mental harm on both the targets and observers, reduces productivity, and hurts morale and company loyalty.

It also causes good people to jump ship; according to the Level Playing Field Institute, over 2 million managers and professionals flee their jobs every year due solely to workplace unfairness, including bullying.

And consider the damage in terms of dollars:

While ignoring the bullying might have been decent advice for the schoolyard, it's not the right approach in the office. That's why, if you're a smart manager, you'll identify and root out workplace bullies -- before they cost you in either economics or talent. BNET's Crash Course "How to Handle a Workplace Bully" gives managers solid advice on how to nip the problem in the bud.

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