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The Brew Guide

Millions of Americans, unhappy with the tastelessness of so-called "macro-brews" are turning to locally-produced beer.

Why? Beers brewed by hand are fresher, better tasting, and use higher quality ingredients. To better acquaint you with popular varieties of microbrews, and offer this guide on hand-crafted beers, and helpful search tools on where to find them.

Beer Building 101 – Your guide to the beer-making process, from grain to glass.

Pick Your Pint – Beer is divided into two families, with many relatives. Read up on the varieties you may have yet to try.

Find a Brewery – Locate a micro-brewery in your area.

Find an Event – When's the next tasting near you? When do the home-brewers meet to trade tips? What about beer festivals? Use this search tool to find out what you're missing.

The Beer Lover's Bookshelf – Here you'll find a set of books on beers, and beermaking, ready for delivery.

Producer: Sean Wolfe
Graphic Design: Dana Byerly
Intern: Laurie Kulikowski

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